Skyray Instrument Attends the 32ed Annual Seminal of Chinese Mass Spectrometer Society

Skyray Instrument Attends the 32ed Annual Seminal of Chinese Mass Spectrometer Society

On August 13 to 15, 2012, the 32ed Annual Seminal of China Mass Spectrometer Society and the 9th National Mass Spectrometer Congress, hosted by Chinese Mass Spectrometer Society and co-hosted by Institute of Nuclear physics and Chemistry, China Academy of Engineering Physics, was held in Taili International Hotel in Kunming, Yunnan Province, with over 400 domestic and oversea MS scholars, workers and technicians attended the meeting.

As a diamond-class sponsor, Skyray Instrument presented the annual seminar with itsGC-MS 6800、ICP-MS 2000、LC-MS 1000attracting the attention of attendees and counterparts. Skyray’s president Dr. Liu Zhaogui, the marketing director Mr. Tang Jian, the principal of mass spectrometer project Dr. Zhou Li, the LC-MS project manager Dr. Pan Xiang attended the seminar.

The report named the History of Domestic Mass Spectrometer made by Dr. Liu Zhaogui in the morning of August 13th introduced the research and manufacture process of Skyray’s mass spectrometer, expressing the enterprising determination of domestic MS manufacturers and calling for more concern and support for domestic mass spectrometers. “Through painstaking development and with firm conviction, Skyray has successfully launched three mass spectrometers and put into production, which has been tested and approved by institutes such as the Comprehensive Testing Center of Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine, Kunshan Industrial Technology Research Institute RNAi Institute, etc.

On 15th, Dr. Zhou and Dr. Pan introduced the application of Skyray Instruments MS products on the detection of food pesticides residual, water quality and abamectin in feed respectively in the professional session of inorganic and organic mass spectrometer, which attracted many counterparts posing questions at the meeting.

As one of the leading analytical instrument manufacturers who have successfully conducted MS R&D and commercial production, Skyray instrument claims high attention of MS specialists and personnel. Its earnest, committed and innovative research & developing spirit deeply infected attendees. “We feel pleasant and excited, and we sincerely hope that Skyray will go further and further on the road of domestic MS research and development,” said by one MS employee.