WDX 400

WDX 400 Compact Multi-channel X-Ray
Fluorescence Spectrometer features for 10 fixed
light diffraction channels, with 10 arbitrary
elements defined by the users from Na to U being
analyzed simultaneously. The standard ten
elements configuration is Na, Mg, Al, Si, S, Cl, K,
Ca, Fe, P or Ti(optional). The instrument is an
ideal quality control choice for large and mediumsized enterprises.



  • Optical system: Paschen-Runge
  • Concave grating: Radius of curvature 998.8mm
  • Etching density: 2160 L/mm
  • Wavelength range: 170-463nm
  • Reciprocal Ray Dispersion: 0.46nm/mm
  • Entry slit width: 20 μm
  • Exit slit width: 70μm
  • Max channels: 50
  • Constant temperature of spectrometer: 38°C
  • Spectrometer vacuum: less than 10Pa.
  • Optical chamber: vacuum, oil return prevention technology.
  • Constant temperature of optical system: 38℃±0.1℃;
  • Stimulated light source: High energy pre-spark technology; adjustable discharge parameter; computer control.
  • Spark platform: Argon-flushing-type stimulation chamber with the least argon gas
  • Power safety protection: Yes
  • Interface: Serial ports, USB
  • Upper computer : PC