OES 6000

Skyray Optical Emission Spectrometer provides a convenient, eco-friendly and low-cost solution for metal analysis, making the R&D, production process and product quality more controllable, helping users upgrade the level of technology and quality; while accelerating the relevant procedures and creating economic and environmental benefits for users. Optical Emission Spectrometer has been a typical device to evalue the level of technology and product quality for a factory.Based on the Multi-CCD detector and total spctrum technology, Optical Emission Spectrometer OES 6000 detect all the spectral lines within the range of wavelength; so it is extremely easy to install and add the matrix, channels and analytical program. With a compact size, it is easy to maintain and locate in the laboratory. OES 6000 is a convenient instrument for the analysis of elements in non-ferrous metals.


  • Thanks to the Multi-CCD detector and total spctrum technology, it is easier to install and add the matrix, channels and analytical program in Skyray or customers’ laboratory
  • No vaccum design eliminate the pollution of oil from the vaccum pump
  • Work for 24/7 to serve your business with high stability and reliability
  • Fast way to analyze and demonstrate the results within 35 seconds
  • The operation and maintenance are simple and convenient for operators
  • All of the typical analytical programs are calibrated in Skyray, which are more accurate and test more types of metal grades
  • Easy to calibrate the instrument with the standardization samples
  • Without chemical reagents, the analysis process is safe and eco-friendly.
  • Requirements

    Ambient temperature: 15-30°C

    Atmospheric humidity: ≤70%

    Power: Voltage 220V ± 5V 50Hz; single phase with protective ground

    No vibration, dust, strong electromagnetic interference, strong airflow or corrosive gases in the laboratory

  • Auxiliary equipments

    Argon— The purity is above 99.999%

    AC parameter voltage stabilized power supply— 1KVA

    Grinding machine— For the samples like Steel, Nickel alloy, etc

    Small lathe— For the samples like Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, etc

    Air conditioner— Select suitable power according to the area of laboratory

  • Spectrometer design

    ◇ Paschen-Runge polychromator

    ◇ Temperature controlled at 34±0.5℃, air type

    ◇ Special casting materials reduce the deformation of the chamber

  • Spark Source

    ◇ Digital plasma generator

    ◇ High energy pre-spark (HEPS)

    ◇ Frequency:100-1000Hz

    ◇ Current: 1-80A

  • Grating

    ◇ Holographic concave grating: 3600 l/mm

    ◇ Dispersion of the first order spectrum: 1.2nm/mm

    ◇ Effective wavelength range: 200-500 nm

  • Spark Stand

    ◇ 4mm analytical gap of the sample stand

    ◇ Jet stream technology

    ◇ No Argon consumption in standby mode

  • Detector

    ◇ High-performance linear array CCD

  • Dimension and Weight

    ◇ Dimensions: Height 300 Width 500 Depth 450

    ◇ Weight: 30 kg

  • Analysis Time

    ◇ Depend on the type of materials, typically less than 30 seconds

  • Electrical Power

    ◇ Max. 700VA

    ◇ Standby mode: 40VA

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