Skyray Instruments 5th generation Explorer Handheld X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer is our best and most advanced Handheld XRF. Performance and accuracy of a Desktop X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer combined with convenience and portable size factor of a Handheld XRF. EXPLORER introduces newer digital multi-channel technology, lower detection limits, high stability and wide application range making the instrument capable of virtually any XRF application.

Explorer XRF features Skyray newest intelligent software, making a Handheld X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer as easy as your everyday appliances. Specifically developed to simplify operation and user involvement most users can now learn how to operate the instrument in minutes. Skyray Intellectualized software is used across all applications modes. Up to 5 software databases can be configured on a single Explorer XRF-including Alloy Analysis, Soil analysis, RoHS and Mineral Analysis .With minimalistic modern layout, easy database switching and one click testing one Explorer XRF can replace up to five competitors Handheld XRFs.

Software Options
RoHS Software for Hazardous Substances
Alloy Analysis Software
Heavy Metals in Soil Software
Mineral Analysis Software
Precious Metals Software
Plating Thickness Software


  • EXPLORER 7000 introduces digital multi-channel technology, lower detection limits, better stability, wider application range, and comparable performance with bench top; small and convertible size for all kinds of geological ore prospecting, multi elemental detection and analysis in exploration, refining slag, gives full play to the role of the analysis, makes the prospecting work more simple and easier.
  • Application advantage of Geology and mineral resources
  • Personalized customization work mode
  • Selections of variousOre- sample- models and free to add unlimited- number- models, the work model can be customized by customer’s demand.
  • The accurate definition of mining boundary
  • The built-in GPS function helps to receive signals from satellite anytime at anywhere, and can records the measurements of altitude, latitude and longitude during anytime of testing period, which determine the geographic location information of sampling points, and save as test reports automatically.
  • It can draw the ore distribution picture by obtained coordinate analysis data, then rapidly screen large area range and accurately grasp the lode mine, then define the mining boundary, in order to prior to find rich mining area to improve the production efficiency.
  • Bluetooth function, which can recognize the key mining areas on site if collocate with a Bluetooth printer.
  • Fully discover the mines value
  • HD camera, can observe the detected vein or point position more intuitive, can better manage and control the process of mining exploitation, and can detect the grade of ore at any time.
  • Quick and accurate analysis of raw ore, concentrate and tailings during ore dressing provides the value judgment basis for the determination of ore grade, mineral trade, processing and recycling.
  • Environmental monitoring: To monitor and detect the heavy metals in the soil around the mine, evaluation of mine repair environment, to maximize monitoring the environment surrounding by good mine.
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