EDX 9000

More accurate test result is the unremitting pursuit of Skyray; meanwhile, we constantly bear in mind to provide customers with superior service. The newly developed EDX 9000 exactly upholds the concept. It not only inherits the merits of Skyray EDX series, but also adopts the most advanced detection technology (X-SDD), which reduces test time to only 1 second. In addition, EDX 9000 also introduces Skyray patented product – precise positioning system, which can realize image coordinated control, multi-point continuous test. The new electric sample chamber makes operation easier, and the new designed automatic sample platform guarantees accurate detection


  • Technical Parameters

    Analytical range: from S to U
    Stability (RSD): 0.02%
    Detector: X-Silicon Drift Detector (X-SDD)
    Resolution: ≤ 135eV
    Tube current: ≤1000uA
    Tube voltage: 5~50kV
    Measuring time: 1s (default)
    Filter: 4 filters
    Collimator: 8 collimators
    Sample observation: HD industrial camera
    Humidity: ≤70%
    Temperature: 15℃~30℃
    Input voltage: AC 220V±5V (suggest to use AC stabilizer)

  • Configuration

    X-Silicon Drift Detector (X-SDD)
    Digital multichannel analytic system
    X ray source
    High and low voltage power supply
    Collimation filter system
    Precise sample platform
    Optical shutter system
    Sample observation system
    Electronic control system
    PC and ink-jet printer

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