OES 8000

Skyray Optical Emission Spectrometer is widely used in the element analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous metal. The instrument can simultaneously analyze dozens of elements with a fast, accurate and stable performance, meeting the requirements in industrial development, process control, incoming inspection, product sorting, etc.

Skyray Optical Emission Spectrometer provides a convenient, eco-friendly and low-cost solution for metal analysis, making the R&D, production process and product quality more controllable, helping users upgrade the level of technology and quality; while accelerating the relevant procedures and creating economic and environmental benefits for users. Optical Emission Spectrometer has been a typical device to evalue the level of technology and product quality for a factory.


  • Spectrometer design

    ◇ Paschen-Runge polychromator, 350mm focal length

    ◇ Effective wavelength range: 140-800 nm

    ◇ Resolution:10pm/pixel

    ◇ Temperature controlled at 34 ± 0.5℃, vacuum type or air type

    ◇ Special casting materials reduce the deformation of the chamber

  • Spark Source
    ◇ Digital plasma generator
    ◇ High energy pre-spark (HEPS)
    ◇ Frequency:100-1000Hz
    ◇ Current: 1-80A
  • Grating
    ◇ Holographic concave grating: 3600 l/mm
    ◇ Dispersion of the first order spectrum: 1.2nm/mm
  • Spark Stand
    ◇ 4mm analytical gap of the sample stand
    ◇ Jet stream technology
    ◇ No Argon consumption in standby mode
  • Detector
    ◇ High-performance linear array CCD
  • Dimension and Weight
    ◇ Dimensions: Height 450 Width 750 Depth 800 ◇ Weight: 85kg
  • Analysis Time
    ◇ Depend on the type of materials, typically less than 30 seconds
  • Electrical Power
    ◇ Max. 1.5kVA ◇ Standby mode: 70VA
  • Technical advantages
    ◇ Comprehensive analysis for the elements in most metals with the full spectrum detection
  • Professional test solution ◇ With long experience in analysis technology service, Skyray Instrument provides users with the sound solutions for the analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous metal.
  • The analysis programs in our solution are designed according to the classification of metal grade, meeting the various test demands of users perfectly.
  • The analysis programs are factory-calibrated with international or national standard samples, and have been fitted and corrected by professional software.
  • Just using a few pieces of the standardization samples supplied by Skyray, the user can carry out the routine calibration easily. So it is unnecessary to purchase a large number of standard samples for the analysis program.
  • Top international suppliers provide the core components
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