Cube100S Plus

instrument introduction- Mobile Xrf Sulfur Analyzer for Cargo Ships
Cube100S Plus is the latest Sulfur Analyzer from Skyray. It meets the below international standards:
ASTM D 4294
ASTM D 6445
ISO 20847
ISO 8754
IP 336
IP 531
Applications fields:
Crude Oils
Liquid element analysis
Mobile Xrf Sulfur Analyzer for Cargo Ships


  • Small and portable. You can take it to any place for the measurement.
  • With a built-in PDA and no need additional computer.
  • Close sample test distance improves test accuracy
  • Rapid analysis, with test result delivered within 50s at minimum.
  • The same sample test height ensures test accuracy, saves standard sample and needs no special sampling tools
  • Top lighting design avoids X-ray tube and Be window of the detector to be polluted by sample volatilization. It can test light oils like gasoline, diesel with higher accuracy
  • High excitation efficiency side-window W Target X-ray tube, large area SDD detector, together with good dissipation capability ensure the high test stability
  • X-ray radiation shielding design ensures operators safety during operation
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