LC-MS 1000

LC-MS 1000 is the first commercial LCMS system designed by domestic instrument company in Chinese market. Its performance meets the requirement of national standards for LCMS and for determination of chemicals in food and environment. We use imported parts such as turbo pumps and detectors to improve performance and detection stability. LC-MS1000 has high performance/cost ratio. Since Skyray makes most consumables, we can guarantee our customers the lowest maintenance cost in daily use.


  • Mass range: m/z 10-1500
  • Resolution: unit resolution (FWHM≤0.7amu)
  • Mass accuracy: ±0.20 amu (in the mass calibration range of scan mode)
  • Mass axis stability: 0.20 amu/12h (under constant temp. of ± 2℃)
  • Scanning rate: standard mode: 1000 amu/s, fast scan mode: 10000 aum/s
  • SIM signal to noise ratio: ESI, 200 ul/min, SIM
  • Positive ion mode: 10pg reserpine, S/N≥50:1 (RMS)
  • Positive ion mode: 10pg chloramphenicol, S/N≥20:1 (RMS)
  • Peak area Repeatability: RSD≤4.6%
  • Retention time repeatability: RSD ≤1.5%
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